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iCompete - Icontest Community

Free For All Icon Competition
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Weekly Icontest
Welcome to icompete, an icontest community on Livejournal. The purpose of this icontest community is to simply judge the most well-made icons. Each week, themes will be announced and icons are to be submitted to that screened post. There is no restriction on what your icon can be of. Anime, movies, musicians, scenery, food, actors, cars, video games.. Get the idea? No restrictions on the subject.

Every Friday a new challenge will be given at 9pm PST. Icons will then be due the following Friday at 11pm PST. Voting will then go up and continue till Sunday at 9pm PST (or later if necessary). A new theme will go up the same Friday the voting is posted.

Have a theme suggestion? Leave them HERE

Icompete's Hall of Fame

The rule to get into the Hall of fame is that a person must place 1st or 2nd three weeks in a row. They then can't submit for a week after they have entered the HOF. People who are already in it can earn stars besides their name every time they qualify for it again.

  • All icons submitted must be made new for the current week's contest. Anyone found submitting old icons will be banned without warning.
  • Do not submit someone else's icon.
  • No icon should be posted anywhere before that week's contest is over. Do not share your icon submissions with friends and do not ask people to vote for you.
  • Livejournal user pics are not an acceptable form of image hosting. Use imageshack.us, Photobucket or Tinypic if you need someplace to host your icons.
  • Do not vote for your own icon.
  • Do not use fanart unless it is your own. Know where your images are coming from.
  • You may submit up to 4 icons total.
  • You must be a member of the community to compete.
  • Artistic nudity (nudity provided in fine art paintings, sculpture, drawing and so on) IS allowed. Just keep it tasteful.
    * Every person who submitted an icon gets 1 extra point per icon if they vote
    * You may use the same icon base as long as there is an effort to make it different. See this post for more details
    * Fan art is now allowed as long as the artist is credited.

    SUBMISSION/THEMES: (as of 5/10/08)
    We will now be presenting you with three themes for every weekly challenge. You may submit up to four icons per challenge.

    Banner Makers Schedule

    Have anymore questions, feel free to ask! :D

    After voting goes up, members will then vote through the use of a poll on the following categories:
    1st, 2nd & 3rd Place and a Special Category (Mod's discretion will be used to select the category)

    Special Catagories May Be One of the Following):
    Best Typography (Placement & Readability)
    Best Caption
    Best Show of Emotion
    Most Creative
    Best Adaptation
    Best Use of Color
    Best Cropping
    Best Use of Animation (If Applicable)
    Cutest Icon
    best simple
    Best Complex Icon * Icon that is the most complex in your opinion*
    Best use of textures
    Best Use of Space
    Best theme interpretation
    Most Usable Icon
    Best use of Texture
    Best textless
    Most Unique. The icon you believe is the most unique.
    Best use of image
    If there is 15 or more entries there will be a 2nd surprise second category.

    All weekly results are logged in the Memories section of this community.

    Mod Information:
    All questions, comments and concerns may be addressed to jedisakora.

    We are currently accepting affiliates/link exchanges. If you are interested, please send jedisakora a private message or email. You can also leave your request on an active thread/post as well. ^o^

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